City Ambush Auditions – Transformations

The transformation stories for our challengers from our ambush cities, starts with them choosing a song from the 80’s & 90’s; the theme for the first round of Ambush Karaoke’s inaugural season. 

Once the songs and artists are selected, our hair, makeup and wardrobe glam squad choose artist inspiration photos for each of our challengers song selections. 

The inspiration photos will highlight the look and era of original artists of the songs being covered by our challengers.   

The glam squad’s inspiration photos will act as the blueprint for our challengers transformation makeovers.

These weekly artist transformations will be a huge part of the show’s early stages.

 They become bigger and more dramatic as the show moves deeper into the competition.

It’s The Show That Makes You A Rock, Pop, R&B, And Hip-Hop Star 3 To 5 Minutes At A Time!

Talent Scouts will travel to Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Detroit, Los Angeles, Miami, Nashville, and New York City to ambush local Karaoke bars to identify challengers. Talent scouts will award these challengers with one of the exclusive Ambush Karaoke invitations to perform in front of the Celebrity Music Producers.

Our Celebrity Music Producers will travel to the ambushed cities where challengers will perform for a chance to compete in the Regionals. Celebrity Music Producers will identify the top challengers with the most potential as an artist. What differentiates Ambush Karaoke from other singing competitions is that our Celebrity Music Producers are not judging the talent, but rather, they are ASSESSING their true artist potential. Challengers who receive the coveted Ambush Karaoke invitation will travel to the Regional Auditions in the next step in becoming a Music Artist.

The Ambush Karaoke invitations are limited, and the ONLY CHANCE to become a true Music Artist! At Regionals, challengers will sing their hearts out to be one of the chosen ones to receive their invitation to Hollywood. Our challengers will face bigger stages, bigger transformations, bigger audiences, and much bigger stakes, with a chance at Hollywood on the line!  Regionals are the last time our Celebrity Music Producers will award challengers with Ambush Karaoke invitations. Once in Hollywood, our TV audience will decide who will continue by voting for their favorite challenger.

Winners from the Regionals will travel to Hollywood to participate in the Ultimate Transformation Experience.  Both the Celebrity Music Producers and the Ambush Karaoke challengers will now face the dilemma of transforming our hopefuls into their own unique artist personas. The show will transition to focus on artist development. Our Celebrity Music Producers will bring in their favorite producers from across the industry to guide our challengers through their ultimate transformation experience.  

Who Will Be Our First Ambush Karaoke Champion? Who will survive the Ultimate Transformation? The chosen one will win the grand prize and begin their most incredible life adventure.